Newly established business working in the vehicle maintenance industry but don’t let the “new business” line fool you. You will be getting your diagnostic work and carbon cleaning done by a qualified mechanic with 20 years trade experience. We have done everything from simple oil and filter changes to gearbox overhauls, advanced electronic diagnosis, ecu reprogramming, full vehicle rewires and aftermarket management installations as well as major mechanical work such as turbocharger conversions, turbocharger rebuilds and complete engine rebuilds and blueprinting. We know what your engines doing and when it’s doing what it’s supposed to do and when its not.
More than happy to bring along qualification certificates to any job to prove the claims made and the experience that came along with years working on all sorts of cars,vans,forklifts even the odd HGV if it has wheels chances are we have worked on one.
What sets us apart from others?
As pre mentioned you not only get the carbon cleaning done by someone that knows engines inside out (literally) and how each and every component is supposed to operate you also get a diagnostic check carried out before and after the cleaning is done as well as live data monitoring via your OBD port on a laptop to keep an eye on your engines sensor data using upto date advanced diagnostic systems